Welcome to NISE

We are Blenders of Business and Technology.
NISE has been in the forefront of nurturing innovation and sustaining excellence for its customers in the alignment of business and information technology since 2001.

NISE has helped customers achieve their goals, improve effectiveness and profitability through the alignment of business and technology.

Our philosophy is to build relationships that allow us to continually provide guidance and direction to our clients for their success.

NISE’s values of professional integrity and the customer comes first attitude serves as a framework to guide  our daily actions and decisions.

We are trusted advisers to Banks, Financial Services, Micro-finance, Exchanges, Information Technology Enabled Services, Retail and Manufacturing business.  
Our Logo 
The sky blue envelope signifies professionalism and is the colour of our blue sky which protects our earth, 
The red colour in our name signifies commitment and is the colour of the red soil that sustains our earth.