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Information Technology & Cybersecurity & Cloud Computing




NISE provides consulting in information technology, cyber security, cloud computing and financial markets.

We consult for  Exchanges, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing & Information Technology Enabled Services.

NISE  provides end-to-end solutions that allow businesses and organizations to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, mitigate risk and reduce expenditures.

NISE  is a value-based consulting focused on delivering reliable and  cutting-edge technology solutions.
Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships that allow us to continually provide guidance and direction throughout our clients' evolution of uniting business and technology.

NISE’s values serve as a framework to guide the daily actions and decisions of our organization and represent the standards that we use to measure our actions.

 Our values include:
•    Commitment to innovation and excellence
•    Stay unbiased and objective
•    Maintain ethical integrity
•    Remain open to differing views
•    Practice a clear perspective regarding professional humility


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